Welcome! to the 2nd year of the Digital Magazine “Community Garden” Magazine

Greetings!  Welcome Aboard to the 2nd year of the Digital Magazine "Community Garden".  It is such an Honor to bring the latest in news, products, ideas, new sites, new trends, and, a whole lot more!

Come each month to Enjoy! the latest in Community Gardens.  Hope you can Volunteer for one or, start one in your City of Town this years.

Get our FREE App of "Community Garden Magazine" or, the "Community Garden New" on the Apple Store and Google Play.  The "Community Garden News" is a LIVE stream of the latest news from all over the United States and the World of the latest in Gardening ideas, products, issues on the street, and, more. I'm always adding new columnists or articles sent in by others.

Send me your pictures, News Releases, any information and Video of your Community Garden Group and it will be highlighted in several platforms to help you get the word out and, to share with others!

THANKS!  for the Journey together!

Have a Great Community Garden Day!

Mary K. Hukill, Publisher

email:  communitygardenmagazine@gmail.com

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