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Our Approach

Lets together find a way to start more Community Gardens.  How can we share info with each other, the latest news in Seeds, Fundraising, where to find Money like Grants, who has the BEST deals for various Garden needs, how are others doing their Community Gardens, and, more, oh, so much more!

Our Story

Our voice needs to be heard.  Community Gardens.  Volunteers.  Feed others. Feed ourselves.  Be Food Sustainable.  It is important to start as many Community Gardens as possible to help combat Obesity and Diabetes, and, to give some Physical Activity to keep us moving.  There are so many Benefits to have a Community Garden

Schools and Colleges need a Community Garden.  Help FUND them, help start one today, Volunteer.  The need is so Great.

Meet the Team


You are needed to get the word out about Starting more Community Gardens.  Volunteer your time, donate some land, donate Seeds, help with a Fundraiser.

Without YOU involved, it won't get done.

What can you do to start a Community Garden where you Live, Work, or Play!



Some Folks call it Food Stamps


Please help those who need to purchase items at your local Farmers Market have access to purchase power by having SNAP.

Help feed others FRESH Fruits and Vegetables.

Allow folks to purchase plants with their SNAP cards.


American Community Gardening Association

The American Community Gardening Association.

They are the ones that can help you find out how to start your Community Garden, help provide classes, and, other GREAT information to help you be a success in your Community.

Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.


Plant a Row for the Hungry

Call Today! for information!


Find out where you can Donate FRESH Fruits and Vegetables in your town from your Community Garden, Home Garden, or, other Great Gardening project you are doing.  All the FRESH items are needed and will be Greatly appreciated.  They have a catalog listing of where you can Donate those items where you live.  Call Today!

Next Steps...

YOU are needed today!

Start a Community Garden!