Community Garden Magazine, in Digital Format

Get your Monthly Subscription, or, Yearly Subscription for a Savings price listed, for this Digital Monthly Magazine about Community Gardens.  Each issue has new ideas, new pictures, and new ways to do things.  Find out the latest scoop! Go to found in the Health Section.  Enjoy!  LOTS of information, ideas, recipes, what others are doing with their Community Garden, it is a Treat.

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"Community Garden News" 60 second Daily News Feature for Radio

Join us! for  "Community Garden News" at every week. You may hear us at your Favorite iHeart Radio Station, also, on Stitcher Radio APP.   Lots of information, pictures and Videos about what is happening in various Gardens and Community Gardens in the USA  and from around the World.  Join the rest of the USA and World Groups for Community Gardens!  Lets share our ideas and Hopes!

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Plenty of Articles, Pictures, and Soon! Videos

This Monthly Digital Magazine can be YOURS every month by Subscription on your various Electronic gadgets. There is also available the Yearly Subscription for all Twelve Months. You can find a neat FREE App on iTunes that is very colorful.  Or, you can go to the Facebook Page "Community Garden Magazine".  The Digital Magazine is Colorful, insightful, new articles every month, and a mention of various Community Gardens around the United States of America and in the World.  Enjoy!  THANKS! for reading!  Have a Great Community Garden Day!

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The Digital Magazine "Community Garden Magazine" is created with YOU in mind.  Our various Groups across the United States of America and in the World, share the one grand idea of feeding themselves and feeding others.  While Having some FUN!!!

Community Gardens help combat Diabetes and Obesity while giving most of us the needed physical activity we need.  The nutrition of eating better far outweighs the days we are in our Community Garden plots and sweating up a storm.

Start a Community Garden Today! where you work, live, or play!

It is needed.  The need is too great.


Have a Great Community Garden Day! and located in the Health Section.


Start a Community Garden Today!

The need is too great not to start a Community Garden Today!

Start one, really, several, in your City or Town Today!  THANKS!

Have a Great Community Garden Day!